Returning To School


Louisiana: For those students in Louisiana affected by hurricane read the following Frequent Ask Question Guide. FAQ.  For the latest info visit Louisiana State Dept

Mississippi: For the latest info visit Mississippi State Dept

Alabama: For those students in Alabama affected by hurricanes, read the following Frequently Asked Question Guide. FAQ . For the latest info visit Alabama State Dept.


Chicago Area Affected Students

The Chicago Public Schools will waive the residency requirement for any school children from the Gulf Coast area who have moved here to live with relatives. For information regarding how to register for a local public school, call 773-553-1000.



Most states like Illinois will be offering college students provisional entry irregardless of current academic standing.  Click here for Dept of Education


Below are just a few links on college offering specific assistance to college students.  Students are encourage to contact desired state school department for school of their choice on being admitted.

Texas Tech


Indiana University